Instrument optique de qualité supérieure périmètre du champ visuel LD-820A

  1. Stimulus Light Source:
  2. Type:Hemispherical Bowl Type (Radius 600mm)

Type: Hemispherical Bowl Type (Radius 600mm)

Stimulus Size: Φ2mm

Stimulus Light Source: LED

Stimulus Indicator: 256 indicators distributed on screen

Including 62 red indicators (10° Central Area);

Stimulus Intensitiy: 0.5 ~ 318 nit (1.6-1,000ASB)

Stimulus Liht Brihtness Level: 15 levels each level with 2dB;

Brightness Level of each indicator: Within ±20%

Background Light Luminance: 0.02cd/m2, white light (Spectrum range: 400-750nm, peak at 470nm)

Fixation Mark: Green, located at the center of the screen;

Stimulus Duration: 0.1sec, 0.2sec, 0.5sec

Stimulus Interval: 0.5sec, 1.0sec, 2.0sec+

Fixtin Mnitrin: Camera Monitoring & Blind Spot Monitoring

Distance between Chinrest Center and Screen Center: 330±16mm


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